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WSDC 3 – Simulating trucks / Udacity SDCND / CARLA

WSDC3 Warsaw Self-Drving Cars Group Meetup

WSDC 3 is the 3rd meeting of Warsaw Self-Driving Cars Group, a group of people interested in autonomous vehicles in Warsaw, Poland. There were 3 talks during this meetup.

WSDC3 Warsaw Self-Driving Cars Meetup 17.01.2018 Startberry 18_00
WSDC3 Warsaw Self-Driving Cars Meetup 17.01.2018 Startberry 18:00


When: 17 January 2019 18:00
Where: In Startberry – Warsaw, Grochowska 306/308

There were 3 talks:

Warsaw Self-Driving Cars #WSDC3

Thursday, Jan 17, 2019, 6:00 PM

Grochowska 306/308 Warsaw, PL

73 Members Went

This meetup will be held in English (!) We will have 3 presentations and pizza: 18:10 Simulating self-driving trucks: lessons learned – Adam Dąbrowski, ROBOCAR Technologies 19:00 Review of Udacity Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree – Karolina Zoń 19:30 Developing a testing environment in the CARLA simulator – Maciej Dziubiński, OPIUM.sh 20:10 Piz…

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The first presentation at #WSDC 3 was autonomous trucks simulation. Adam Dąbrowski from ROBOCAR Technologies presented how to use ROS, Gazebo and Unity to simulate the trucks driving in mines and other non public roads. Adam showed also how to use neural networks to analyze Lidar data.

In the second presentation, Karolina Zoń reviewed the Udacity Self Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree. She talked about her experience from the course as well as the projects during the course required to get the certificate. If you are thinking to buy and study this course watch the video and learn more. After the presentation there was an opportunity to ask more questions.

Udacity SDCND: https://udacity.com/drive

In the last presentation at #WSDC 3 Maciej Dziubiński from OPIUM.sh presented how to simulate a car in CARLA simulator. He showed how to create a simulation environment for autonomous car tests. You will see how the car can navigate autonomously in CARLA.

Check also medium post: https://medium.com/asap-report/introduction-to-the-carla-simulator-training-a-neural-network-to-control-a-car-part-1-e1c2c9a056a5